The Little Commanders’ English School is “A School That targets holistic environment of a child.”. Personal attention, provision of healthy nutritious and hygienic meals for the little ones, stress on good habits, etiquettes and extra help for the difficulties of the children are the special hallmarks of THE LITTLE COMMANDERS. Parents appreciate having the peace of mind that comes from knowing that children are being supervised and taught by caring and capable faculty members and supportive staff in a safe and happy environment.

THE LITTLE COMMANDERS with colourful, attractive and well designed surroundings is really a child’s dreamland. Our Montessori wing provides specially designed rich learning material and scope for creative activities such as Reading, Painting, Story Telling, Dressing Up, Make Believe Games, Scribbling Boards, Jumbles, Jigsaws, Building Blocks, Finger Painting, Clay Modelling, Paper Tearing, Folding and Pasting etc., Role playing Games in the Doll house Corner help the child in understanding people in different phases of life. He also expresses his imagination and aspirations for the future. Provision

The basic concepts of numbers and mathematical understanding etc. is developed through experience of buying and selling in the Actual Shops. The use of modern audio-visual aids such as smart boards, Projectors build up interest and make learning easy. Outdoor Play-Pen includes swings, slides, jungle gym, giant bouncy, mini train, merry-go-round and many other types of equipment. Through the use of appropriate apparatus, children develop their co-ordination skills required to play more organized games when they are older. Sand pit, water pool, tunnels, occasional elephant/horse rides, magic shows, bear shows, monkey shows, puppet shows and intimacy with animals & birds develop confidence among children.

The Mid-day Meals is a unique facility at The Little Commanders’ English School. Nothing can match mothers Food , second comes when it is prepared by self !! Every effort is made to guide the parents to send across right balance of food items. Provision of A2 milk and fresh fruit is compulsory. The meals must consist of atleast one item from the hills or from the seas. The Academy emphasises use of fresh full-cream milk of Indian Breed cow (Cow with a hump) ensuring food intake of the child to be of the highest quality and nutritious value. The Academy compliments the meals sent from the home if it is considered inadequate in micro -nutrients. The children are served meals to their full satisfaction…. there is no limit!! Children who do not normally eat at home start eating with their friends. Thus, eating in peer group not only improves child’s nutrition but also teaches good food habits and table manners.

Filtered / mineral water stored in clean earthen containers is served in the school so the children are not required to bring water in unhealthy plastic bottles.

In Picnics and outdoor activities : Refreshment and water arrangement are made by school.