Why One More Preschool?

Commanders' Education Trust

Commanders Education Trust has been founded with sole objective of giving fillip to severe leadership deficiency in our society. The country is full of talent, but most of the time this pool of talent goes ungroomed to don the leadership roles. Only a few well to do have access to a good education, elite schools and therefore get to the positions where governing policy is decided and implemented. Majority of the youth in villages and in ‘Not rich’ parts of the urban areas, neither get the opportunity nor adequate guidance to be able to equip themselves to stand and win the competitive examinations for leadership positions in government or in corporate world. The social disparity continues to feed itself widening the gap further. It is imperative that the youth from rural and humble backgrounds is given the same very best which is available to the creamy layer so that he/she too an aspire to become an ‘officer’ in nation’s governance system. The Commaners’ Education Trust aims to mobilize resources to groom the disadvantaged section from play school to professional courses and imbibe essential leadership qualities which should manifest in the betterment of social living in every aspect. The board of eminent Trustees & Consultants endeavor to provide affordable education to the deserving students irrespective of their caste, creed,religion,region,social status or paying capacity, so that liberated personalities can be developed for transforming the governance wherein a public servant, an officer in government is still rules the public from a higher position than serving the public by being one of them.

Our Vision

To be a center of education excellence to groom educational leaders at affordable costs thereby bringing up rural & insufficiently provided for youth to contribute in national policy to improve the system!

Our Mission

To awaken leadership potentials of the people stuck in the vicious cycle of poverty and/ or ignorance.
To encourage multifaceted growth of youth in disadvantaged areas of India.
To set exemplary standards of professional skills, capabilities and sphere of application, integrating scientific & emotional aspects of the newest technology & make it available at a very affordable costs.
….and finally to Indianian the governance culture of our country which is still more or less an anglicised system.

Our Trustees

Dr. Dinesh Chaudhary

Mr. Subhash Singh

Mr. Bhagat Singh

Mrs. Renu Singh

Local Management Committee

Mr. Kamlesh Kundar

Mr. gautam Gode


Dr. Krishna Verma